Personal care

Residents are supported with their personal care, whilst ensuring that their independence is maintained, and their individual personal care needs are met. We know how important personal care is to the residents and we ensure that this is a priority for our residents. Personal care is provided by our staff with compassion, privacy, dignity and respect.

Personal care

We offer bathing and/or showering facilities to all residents. Whilst residents will have their own preferred toiletries, we also maintain a small stock should a resident need some. There is no charge for these toiletries.


We pride ourselves on ensuring that residents wear clean, suitable clothes of their choice. Should clothes become soiled during the day, our staff are there to assist the residents to change their clothes. When residents have visitors or are attending entertainment or outings, we also ensure that they wear clothes that make them feel dressed up for the occasion. We organise clothes parties and residents have fun buying new clothes with the help of their keyworkers.


Residents are assisted to add the finishing touches to their personal care, such as hair care, nail care, jewellery, make up and any other grooming they require.


We have a regular hairdresser who visits twice a week, and any resident can book to have their hair done. The hairdresser does cut and blow drying and perms. There is a charge to the resident for the hairdresser.

For more information call 01708 226362

Telephone calls are recorded for training and monitoring purposes.